AURA | Fall Winter 2019 - 2020

Gentle breeze, vital element, hidden energy unique and individual, that’s the AURA reflecting
the colors of the spirit and revealing the soul that distinguishes each one of us.
In this collection craftsmanship and contemporary design interpret
the ethereal nuances of the AURA to create fine and unique jewels.

GLARE | Spring Summer 2019

I was very pleased with myself when I discovered that sunlight could not be reproduced; it had to be represented by something else…by colour. (Paul Cezanne)

We have captured inside our glass “boules” light, joy, vitality and the summer colours with their memories to feel with the same intensity those emotions whenever you wish.
The jewel becomes a treasure chest that will unleash prodigious elegance and will adorn with pure light the woman who will wear it.


Customize your look! Click clip jewels are made to fell yourself unique.

AMV Jewels | LUXURY Collection

AMV Jewels means sterling silver.  High-handmade jewels perfect for every moment and occasion.


Una linea pensata per i fedeli. La preziosità della lavorazione del vetro di Murano legata ad un aspetto prettamente religioso. Scopri la collezione.

IAMVENICE | Antica Murrina Frangrances

Every place recalls a specific perfume and reminds me the fragrance of the silk road or the scent of my firstessence, the sea. I would like to hand you with my own hands a unique jewel, a precious gem that holds within with care all my memories. COLLECT ALL STOPPERS AND SPREAD INTO YOUR HOUSE A UNIQUE AROMA. UNIQUE LIKE YOU.

THE BEST OF | Evergreen Antica Murrina

Tradition and Innovation, Antica Murrina Venezia, since its first collections until today has been a dynamic reality which has found a balance between unique experiments on the glass inspired by the fashion trends and the traditional glass working techniques from where it originates.
Our “Best of” features our achievements through the years that led us across changes to improve ourselves.
Antica Murrina recognizes the value of the uniqueness of each single glass bead resulting from craftsmanship, the same uniqueness that distinguishes each person, different from every other, who will wear our jewels.

“The Best of” Antica Murrina Venezia come with you through your personal way to redescover your best part. We would like you to receive one of our jewels as an unexpected and always surprising gift by the person you love.
The best of us is the best of you!