The Privacy Notice is an integral part of the Cookie Policy, included the user’s right that can be exercised contacting the addresses mentioned in the Notice.
Pursuant artt. 13 and 122 of D.Lgs. 196/2003 (“Code for protection of personal data”) with applicable legislation from “European Authorities of the processing of personal data” by resolution dated 8.05.2014 identification of simplified procedures for the Notice and Consent for Cookies use– published in the Official Journal of the European Community n. 126 dated 3.06.2014 – and in respect of all further clarification in the present Notice ANTICA MURRINA VENEZIANA S.R.L. is giving its Cookie Policy.
The Cookie Policy aims to provide the user all info concerning art. 13 of c.d. Privacy Code and to describe in a specific and analytic way the features and purposes of cookies installed in the Web site, with the possibility for the user to select/deselect the single cookie.
What is a cookie?
Cookies are a packet of data sent by an Internet server to a browser (usually Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox etc.), which is returned by the browser each time it subsequently accesses the same server, used to identify the user or track their access to the server.
Why are they useful?

Through cookies the web site recognizes the user’s device and therefore the browsing experience is improve. The different purposes of cookies is to allow the user to browse with efficiency through the Web Site, memorizing preferences, language used etc. The cookies guarantee that the advertising content online are more in line with the user’s interests.
How to enable or disable cookies?
When accepting the cookies, most browsers are programmed to be accepted cookies automatically. By modifying the browser’s settings cookies can be limited or blocked. To manage the cookies use the user’s manual or indication provided by your browser following the links below (related to the most common browsers):
If the user is using more browsers, the procedure has to be performer for each one of them. If the user has several devices (such as smart phones or tablets), to uninstall cookies please refer to the user’s manual of each device. 
 Is important to mention that when choosing to block the cookies this could affect or prevent the correct operation of the Website as some cookies are necessary for browsing.
How many different types of cookies are included?
Cookies are classified in different categories:
 related to DURATION, the cookie could be of “session” (automatically erased by closing the browser) or “persistent” (active till the expiry date or cancellation by the user);
related to SOURCE, the cookie could be of “first part” (sent to the browser directly by the Web Site visited) or “third part” (sent to the browser from other sites and not by the visited sites);
related to the PURPOSE. The technical cookie is the one related to browsing, indispensible, for the performance, for the operation and safety; is also considered “technical” the functionality cookie, preferences, localization, session status and also statistic-analytic of first or third parties with IP masking without data combination. For the installation of “technical” cookies the user’s consent is not required. The “profiling cookie is statistic-analytic of third parties without IP masking without data combination, also is a “profiling” coking the advertisement cookie, tracking or conversions. The installation of “non technical cookies is performed prior to user’s consent.

Which cookies are present in the Website?
Technical cookies:
The present Website uses “technical” cookies, without their use some operation could be difficult or impossible to perform. The technical cookies do not need the consent of the user to be installed and could be of first or third parties of session as permanent.
The technical cookies c.d. are strictly necessary and allow the efficient browsing and to use the essential features on the Website, such as authentication, recording of previous actions, to remind the products that the user has added to the cart, in the wish list or the recently seen. By blocking these cookies the user’s browsing experience could be affected and some essential services could be not provided (such as authentication or use of purchase cart).
The present Website uses technical c.d. of functionality that improve the browsing experience memorizing the user’s preferences, such as language used, the name, the location. Moreover these cookies can be used to provide services, through live chat sessions or avoid to the user to receive services that previously refused. By blocking these cookies the browsing experience will not be compromised however the user will not be able to use some services offered.
The present website could have installed some technical cookies to memorize the consent. We suggest not to block these cookies that allow the Website owner to record the consent given by the user.
Third parties cookies:
The present website uses third parties cookies technical and profiling, some sessions are permanent.
 The technical analytic cookies from third parties installed in the present website allow to collect information on the interaction with the site from the users., analyzing the number of pages visited, the time on the website, the pages of interest or other info from the browsing, eventual errors from the visited page. These cookies allow the Website owner to get statistic data concerning the browsing and could improve the services provided to the user. The “analytic technical” cookies used in the present website do not result in the personal data processing (such as user’s name and surname or IP address) as the data are collected in an aggregate form for statistic purposes only and the Website owner has appropriate tools to reduce the identification power of analytic cookies used (through masking a significant part of the IP address).
Profiling cookies from third parties are activated only by prior consent of the user. The release of the consent is performer by clicking “OK” in the homepage banner or on other pages of the same website.
The profiling cookies are used to improve the services offered and to select and send appropriate advertisement in line with the preferences and interests of the user while browsing. Profiling cookies use to send advertisements doesn’t affect the visualization of more adverts and will not affect browsing.
Erasing the profiling cookies will result in generic adverts therefore not in line with the preferences and interests of the user expressed through the browsing.

The third parties cookies used in the present website are not directly controller by the Website’s owner and therefore to deactivate them or more information the user has to follow the following procedures:
1) By clicking the user will receive more information concerning the behavioral advertising and more info on third parties cookies, promotional cookies, targeting cookies filed in our terminal. The user can deactivate all or some of them by clicking on the following link: http://
2) here below will be listed the third parties cookies present in our website. To manage or deactivate these cookies please access the information and consent form of the third parties clicking on the link below:
Or website uses Google Analytics to install the technical cookies and technical analytic cookies on the user’s terminal. The data generated by Google Analytics are kept in the terms indicated in the following link:
Google Inc. privacy notice is available at:
The user can deactivate Google Analytics installing on his/her browser the opt-out component provided by:
By blocking this cookie the browsing experience will not be compromised.
On the website pages are present Social Network icons and widgets to ease the interaction with the social platforms and content sharing directly on the pages of this Website.
In particular on this website’s pages are present sharing icons for Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube to improve the user’s browsing experience through content sharing in the Social Networks.
The management of all collected information from third parties is regulated by their related notices and it is necessary to consult them for any further information. The processing owner is not responsible on the operation cookies/plug-in on the website performed by third parties. For convenience and correctness here below the notices and purposes for the cookies/plug-in management.
Please consult:
− € Facebook Privacy and cookie notice: e
− € Instagram Privacy and cookie notice: e To deactivate the profiling cookies in Facebook and Instagram, the user can click on the following link: cookie/323992957657211/;
− Pinterest Privacy and cookie notice:: e
To deactivate the profiling cookies in Pinterest, the user can click on the following link:
Twitter Privacy notice:
 To deactivate the profiling cookies in Twitter, the user can click on the following link:: https://
The website uses Youtube service sto upload videos. Youtube Privacy and cookie notices:
 To deactivate the profiling cookies in Youtube, the user can click on the following link:
To set the privacy on your account:
Facebook: access to your account. Go to the “Privacy “section . Or follow the instruction on the web;
− €Pinterest: access to your account. Go to the “Settings” section – “Customize”. 
Or follow the instruction on the web;
Instagram: helpref=hc_fnav&bc[0]=368390626577968&bc[1]=1757120787856285
− €Twitter:
− €Youtube: 
The present website uses profiling cookies for the advertising targeting which aims to send the user advertising in line with preferences and interests expressed while browsing. For more info or to deactivate the above mentioned cookies, the user can click on the following addresses: 
concerning profiling cookies by “”:
− concerning profiling cookies by “”:
In some pages are present interactive maps provided by Google Inc., that could install cookies to collect information and preferences on the service. For more info on this service and to deactivate its cookies, the user can consult the privacy policy by Google:
By blocking all third parties mentioned above don’t compromise the browsing experience but could lower the quality of the services offered by the website. 
For more information even concerning the disabling of profiling cookies from third parties sent to the user’s browser while browsing on the present website please consult: http://
Or contact the following addresses:
By mail:
By sending a registered letter with return receipt : ANTICA MURRINA VENEZIANA S.R.L., Via Cesare Battisti n. 7, cap. 
30030, Olmo di Martellago (VE).